What about me?
What about me?


 “HURDLES”for individuals

By partnering with horses, participants learn about their strengths and how to effectively conquer challenges.

 HITCHEDfor couples

A couple’s reactions to the horses and the horses’ reaction to the participants can help to demonstrate problems in relationships. Couples learn successful solutions.

 HORSE WHISPERINGcommunication skills

With very little “talking”, horses provide a tremendous amount of feedback.  Participants learn how others perceive them and how by changing their own responses they may change the world around them.

Our Staff is very understanding!
Our Staff is very understanding!

HAPPY TRAILSstress management

Engaging in play with horses creates a natural opportunity for developing self-confidence, overcoming difficulties, and dealing with challenging life situations

BUCKING BRONCOSanger management

Horses live in the moment.  They never use more force than is needed to get their point across.  Participants learn how to channel their own anger.

ROUND-UPgroup team-building

Groups learn that an approach that works with one horse does not necessarily mean that it will work with another.  Groups learn more effective ways to communicate

“Wow, I never knew that I could learn so much about myself from a horse…and it was fun!”  T.C.